Lots of grandchildren around on Easter Saturday which meant the pink car came out of retirement for the two toddlers, Remy and Diana, whilst the older ones enthusiastically took part in the Easter Egg hunt. They missed one as I found it in a flowerpot yesterday.

As so often happens, we who live close to Wellington, have never been to the Wellington Monument, the tallest three sided obelisk in the world, a tribute to the ‘Iron Duke’. A bracing, if muddy, walk though an avenue of beech trees up to the monument, where thankfully we were not required to climb to the top as it was closed. It would have been a claustrophobic nightmare for me.

I started digging my vegetable garden and early on thought, Why? What about no dig vegetable gardening.

We have a large number of used big cardboard boxes in the barn that come down from Bradford full of our finished yarn. Some of them, there are a lot, were laid on the veg plot with no gaps.

We also happen to have a big heap of rotting wood chip in the yard so that went on next. Need a bit more raking before the final stage, rows of compost to plant the seeds and seedlings. My back will be so happy if it works.

Our female weanling Zerlina who we found bleeding in the field got quite a bit better and is now worse again. A second dose of ‘she might not make it through the night’.

Her medications include vitamin B1, an antibiotic and the vet gave her a steroid injection today. His words were ‘No animal should die without a steroid injection’. It is do or die time over the next 24 hours.