As soon as we had set up the stand for The Stitch Festival on Wednesday we went to the Barbican to see an exhibition called ‘Unravel: the power and politics of textiles in art’. It is a small exhibition but packs a punch as these fifty international artists make powerful statements on just about everything.

The curators make the point that textiles have been historically undervalued by Western art history, thought of as ‘feminine’ and ‘craft’ and this show features artists who push the boundaries of the medium.

It is a gorgeous show, runs until May, worth a visit if you are in London.

The Stitch Festival itself was a good show for us, more customers and sales than last year, even though we had shrunk our stand to six metres from eight metres. We were pleased with the look of it as Chas had spent ages painting all the furniture a dark oxford blue.

The organisers decided to have late night opening on the Thursday until eight o’clock and then came round and plonked a bottle of prosecco on every stand. Had to be very careful not to get plastered as we have ben on zero alcohol beer since the New Year.

Got home Monday lunchtime to the shocking sight of a weanling female down in the field with blood running down her face. The likelihood is that a crow or magpie had a go at her eye. Chas thought she would die but no, still alive and although her eyelids are swollen and closed, there is an eye in there. Fingers crossed that when the swelling goes down, she can still see.