Last weekend was the first yarn show of the year for us, Unravel at the Maltings in Farnham. It was raining when we unloaded the van and absolutely throwing it down when we packed up and drove home. What’s new?

Unravel seemed quiet, dying quite early in the afternoon, but in fact we took much the same as the previous year, so mustn’t grumble and all that. And I tried out my new barefoot shoes, wow, what a difference. Normally after three days standing up on a stand, my feet would be throbbing, instead podiatric peace reigned.

We stayed, for the second year running, in a sweet little cottage on the cobbled street leading up to the church. I could have cooked but instead awarded myself three nights off.

Back on the farm, it is still wet and muddy but we did have two dry days this week when the alpacas were restored to their normal fluffiness although not for long. There are signs of growth everywhere with the trees budding, primroses coming out, the camellias going bonkers and full on bird song.