A fellow alpaca breeder says he has MAD, Mud Affected Disorder. He claims to spend hours muttering about mud, is glued to the weather forecast and threatens to leave the UK for ever. We have joined his club. Our fields are so wet and horribly slippery as we are on clay and the alpacas are going green on their backs.

Wet or not, today we started our spring round of drenching and jabs with the first field of twenty girls. Twenty is enough for me in a morning at the moment as I’ve done my back in and it is taking a long time to get better. Poor girls, made to swallow a load of glurp full of vitamins and minerals but probably tasting grim and to add to their woes, a jab of vitamin ADE. They will thank us for it one day – not!

The male weanlings come in to the barn every morning to hang around in the dry and eat hay. They look so bedraggled. No doubt they are looking forward to the next bout of heavy rain coming our way all too soon.

These three intermediate boys, Fidelio, Benoit and Marquis are off to their new home this week up near Bovey Tracey to look after some ducks and chickens against the predations of Mr or Mrs Fox. Goodbye boys.