About UK Alpaca

UK Alpaca was set up by Chas Brooke and Rachel Hebditch in 2005 to use the fleeces of alpacas farmed in the UK. We make a range of fully worsted hand knit and machine knit yarns showing British Alpaca at its best.

We are the largest buyers of British alpaca fleeces from breeders throughout Britain.  The fleece is bulked according to colour, graded by hand in Devon and then commercially processed by the traditional worsted process into hand knit and machine knit yarn for retail and wholesale use.

Our complete range can be bought at select yarn shops, online, by mail order (01884 243579) and at retail shows like Woolfest, Wonderwool, Yarndale and the Knitting and Stitching Shows throughout Britain. Wholesale enquiries are welcomed.

British Alpaca Yarns

The yarns are spun using the worsted process, as this exploits the natural properties of alpaca fibre, giving a smooth, strong yarn that shows off the natural brightness of the fibre.

We are proud of our yarns made from the fleeces of alpacas farmed in Britain. One of the noble fibres, alpaca is softer, more luxurious, stronger and more resilient than the finest sheep wool. It can be compared favourably to cashmere, has excellent thermal properties and is second in strength only to silk. It is prized for its silky feel, weightlessness and warmth and comes in a great variety of natural shades, from pure white through the fawns and browns to grey and a true black.

The yarns come with full provenance traceable to the alpaca breeders who supply us with their fleece.

Exclusive Designs

All our patterns are designed exclusively for UK Alpaca yarns and every season we continue to commission designers to come up with new fashion led patterns.

Find out More

Chas and Rachel have owned alpacas since 1998 and run Classical MileEnd Alpacas, one of the larger alpaca stud and breeding farms in the South West. If you would like to know more about alpacas, please visit our Classical MileEnd Alpaca website