Thawed out now from Wonderwool which was absolutely freezing on the Saturday. My scarf and coat stayed on, still cold though. Sunday brought sunshine and as usual it was warmer outside than in the building. We definitely have to suffer to make a living!

You should feel sorry for me as I also had cellulitis which travelled from my wrist up my arm in a rather alarming manner. The doctor at our local hospital doubled the antibiotics so that I felt sick most of the time and issued dire warnings with the immortal phrase ‘if it gets worse go to a proper A&E’.

Much better news is that we are getting a kitten in a couple of weeks. He is a Burmese cross and very, very cute, bred by a Cornish alpaca owner we know well.

We’ve already got jackdaws and pigeons nesting in the barn but last week a new nest appeared sandwiched between two poly pipes next to the tap that turns the farmwater on and off.

It’s a blackbird and she is sitting now. We have to leave the water on so as not to disturb her.

Monday, May 6 is the North Somerset Show and we are going with a show team of six junior females, a brown, a black, a beige, a fawn and two whites. They have all been in today to be smartened up. Trimming their topknots, checking their toe nails are not too long and making sure all is clean and tidy under their tails.

They go into the show ring in what is called ‘paddock condition’, so no grooming and no trimming of their blanket fleece is permitted. Hopefully it won’t rain as this show is outside and only the judge will have a lackey with an umbrella.