It’s been a very busy few days what with Devon County Show and shearing the whole herd. But the best news is that we collected our new Burmese cross kitten yesterday. He is very confident, talks a lot and our postman insists we should call him Disco, his nickname. Why not? Disco it is.

Devon County Show was very exhausting as Chas is Chief Steward for the alpaca classes so a lot of work and some irritation as the marquee was 25 feet too short and had holes in it. Chas not amused. Luckily all judging and the agility classes were finished before a massive thunderstorm broke on Saturday. Our rosettes,one champion, four reserve champions, were soaked.

On Monday we were still zombie like but had to get everything ready for shearing. We had a couple of dropouts with our helpers but luckily our neighbours Hilary and Jay of Pure Alpacas, who had shorn their herd the day before, came to help. We owe them big time. You could see the whole team, particularly me, running out of energy as six o’clock in the evening dawned and the last of our 90 alpacas was shorn.