We’re absolutely delighted with a new set of photographs of our sock range taken by Jess of Perspectives Photography. They are gorgeous so we felt we had to share them with you.

But why should you should choose Alpaca socks…?

For a start, Alpaca fibre is naturally wicking, which means that it keeps your feet cool, dry and odour-free! It is also anti-bacterial, which means your socks won’t retain the odours and sweat that can contribute to fungal infections and other unhealthy issues.

Alpaca fibre is free from environmental contaminants, as well as grease and lanolin, which means that no harsh chemicals are needed during the initial cleaning and handling process.

Alpaca fibre is also 100% biodegradable, so once your alpaca socks reach the end of their life, you can throw them away without having to worry about their environmental impact!

Good, hard-wearing socks are important! Your feet are incredibly hard workers and as such they should be treated to the best in comfort, especially when out walking for extended periods. Our Alpaca socks are soft, comfortable and designed to be worn for a long time due to their sweat wicking properties.

For more information about our Alpaca Post Socks including which pair to choose, you can read more here.