Our Alpaca Posh Socks are back in stock ready to keep your feet warm on those icy winter walks or at home when the heating has been turned down!

We offer a range of high-quality, durable socks made from British Alpaca fibre. Whether you are looking for a comfy pair of lounge socks, an everyday sock or a hard-wearing pair of walking socks, we have something for everyone. Treat yourselves or your loved ones – our Alpaca socks make the perfect gift!

Why we love our new and improved range:

  • they are made from our British alpaca yarn
  • they are knitted in England and the EU
  • they feature a linked toe design giving increased comfort
  • natural alpaca fibre is breathable, anti-bacterial with good wicking properties that ensure comfy, warm, dry and odour free feet.

Which Socks Should I Chose?

There are three types of socks for you to choose from…

Lounge Socks

Our Lounge Socks are great for lazing around on the sofa, padding about the house and keeping your feet warm in bed. The socks are made from 90% British alpaca yarn and 10% nylon and designed as a bed sock or slipper sock. With so little nylon in the mix they will not wear well if used with continual walking or in a shoe.

Town & Country Socks

Our Town & Country Socks are ideal for town or country shoe wear, lighter in weight than the walking socks but still beautifully warm and hard wearing. The socks are made from 75% British alpaca yarn and 25% nylon.  

Walking Socks

The Walking Socks are a hard wearing performance sock with a cushioned sole. Once tried, never forgotten, these socks are a firm favourite for those who love the great outdoors. The socks are made from 75% British alpaca yarn and 25% nylon.   

What Our Customers Say About Our Alpaca Socks