In addition to our own alpaca fleece, we support British alpaca farmers by buying around ten tons of fleece a year. This is hand graded on the farm for colour and fineness. The large quantities of fleece processed mean prices are competitive with South American imported yarns.

Finding clever ways to use alpaca fibre outsorts allows us to reduce waste and keep all our prices fair and competitive.

Slugs and Snails, the bane of many a gardeners’ life, can be persuaded not to chomp on plants by using alpaca fibre. This low grade, unwashed alpaca fibre is so water repellent and dry that no self respecting slug wants to crawl over it. Arrange it around the plants and you have a slug and snail barrier. 

Birds are quite keen on this stuff too using it to line their nests and keep their featherless chicks warm and cosy.

Its second useful property is that alpaca fibre is warm, as anyone who has worn our Posh Socks will know, so it conveys that little bit of extra heat to both soil and plant.

You can grab this extremely eco friendly multi use product from the website soon – we’ll add links here when it’s available.