At long last our Shepherd’s Hut, the Alpaca Hideaway, is open for business. We have had four sets of guests so far and they all seem to love it.

Getting it in was a fraught operation, first a low loader from Somerset, then a tow from a 4×4 down the lane to the farm and then more towing to get it down the farm track, casualty one hawthorn, and into the field, imaginatively named Behind the House.

Once the decking, power, water, sewage and WiFi were sorted we invited some holiday companies to have a look. The elephant in the room was the dreaded HOT TUB. An absolute necessity they said for glamping. Eventually, we capitulated and a very heavy wooden hot tub arrived, heated by a wood-burning stove. It is a mystery to me why it is so loved. Our millennial guests hardly ever seemed to get out of it. They prefer a soak, glass in hand, looking at the view across the valley.

At the moment a group of seventeen weanlings share the field with the Shepherd’s Hut. Their day has a pretty set pattern and breakfast time always finds them close to the hut inspecting the visitors.

We are happy to rattle on about UK Alpaca and what we do here, plenty of squishing yarn and alpaca selfie opportunities.