Great excitement here as the new mule arrives, one amazingly versatile farm vehicle. Our old one that we bought in 2009 was a bit on the depressed side and we have had to nurse it along until the new one arrived.

It is very fancy, much bigger, a proper dashboard, mobile phone charger and even cup holders, who’d have thought. I have been doing the feed rounds with it, driving very carefully, as it feels weird. The great thing being I don’t have to worry about it breaking down.

We are in a big circle of finance, once we finish paying for one vehicle, along comes another.

All the pregnant females are back now from the winter grazing and eight of them are in the birth field so that we can keep an eye on them from the office. They are quite irritable and keep telling each other off. This is partly because they have had to be split off from their groups as we don’t have a large enough field close at hand to keep them altogether. Should have some cria pictures for you soon.