Well, well, earthquake in the Tiverton and Honiton by-election with the Liberal Democrats taking the seat with a 30% swing. In the past large swathes of the South West were held by the Lib Dems but they were wiped out in the 2015 election won by David Cameron. They seem to be on the way back with notable gains in the local elections.

We heard from people at the hustings here that there was no talk of our former MP’s unfortunate brush with tractorgate but rather it was all about Boris and partygate. I have this vision of Boris, nails sliding down the blackboard, as he hangs on.

Back on the farm, many cria have been born, 20 so far with another 18 to go. Most have been a good size but a little titch arrived on Tuesday at just 5.4kg. That is very small and she was very floppy. Therapy was required so first of all plasma to give her an immune system followed by bottle feeds. It seems to be working as she is following her mum round the field and attempting to suckle.

Alex, middle son, and his two boys are staying this weekend. I’ve forgotten just what a ball of fire a four-year-old can be and just how stressful an hour in a supermarket with two little boys can be. They dropped their mama Serena off at Glastonbury and pick her up on Monday. Such hell being a journalist at the best music festival in the world!