Hurrah – made it through the long Jubilee weekend without having to go on a motorway or visit that vision of Dante’s Inferno – an airport. All those poor people just trying to have a break.

We were at home with two grandsons, one of whom did have a faint resemblance to Prince Louis particularly when faced with the temptation of a pebbly path. For some reason both of them decided to be frightened of tractor, digger and mule even though the eldest had been obsessed the last time he visited. After a day it too passed.

It is all happening on the cria front with seven born, three girls and four boys. This is today’s, half an hour after he was born, tottering about in the sun and failing to find the milk bar, he will.

The rest of them have gone off to Nursery Field Number 1, commonly known as the small field, we are so creative here with names! They spent the morning lazing around in the sun or in the shade of a beech tree. Birds were singing, positively bucolic.