When you read this, Chas and I will be stood up at the British Alpaca Society National Show at the Telford International Centre. I will be wearing ten layers as the halls will be extremely cold with all the fans going non-stop keeping the alpacas cool.

Showing is always a bit nerve-racking as you obviously want your alpacas to do well and hopefully behave well and not kick the judge. We’ve been halter training our team of ten for weeks and they are pretty good apart from our white intermediate female Artemisia who is VERY highly strung.

Of course, the weather has been frightful the last two days before we travel to Telford, glorious penetrating rain. So they are all banged up in the barn with the fans on them drying out and honestly moaning nonstop. I will be glad when it is over.

We are only at home for a day and then it is the Stitch Festival at the Islington Business Design Centre. This is a four-day show and if you are planning to go, do come and see us.