Last weekend we were at Unravel in Farnham, that was a bit of a blast from the past, in that there were proper crowds of buyers – back to pre-Covid levels. Thank you to all who came.

All the traders seemed happy and we met several people proudly wearing jumpers made from our yarns including this lovely lady decked out in our jade DK yarn.

I also bought a Staffordshire cat, probably not a proper antique, but lovely nonetheless.

We stayed in a tiny, ancient two up two down on the cobbled street leading up to the church. It couldn’t have been more convenient with the added attraction of being able to sit around eating dinner rather than always going out.

Back on the farm, all seemed well with all the alpacas looking so clean and fluffed up in the dry weather. Thank you Cyd for looking after the farm whilst we were away.

Some anxiety about one of the girls who had a full on uterine prolapse before we went away. Nowhere near full term and no sign of a cria in the field. All a bit grim but the vet happened to be close by and after an epidural got the uterus back in and it has stayed in. Quite a relief.