It is still unbelievably wet here. We’ve had to move any alpacas that were down in the valley up to higher ground, nearer the barn. No flooding but so wet that taking a farm vehicle down there to feed hay would result in either the vehicle getting stuck and/or making giant ruts in the field.

At least it is warm rain, our daytime temperatures are averaging between 10 and 12 degrees so lots of plants think that spring is almost here. The primroses are putting up their leaves and in one case flowering, snowdrops are about to flower and the daffs are pushing up through the earth.

My camellias are covered in buds but are unlikely to flower until February apart from this brave soul.

I found a few new leaves of sorrel that took me back to two admonishments from my childhood. If we were thirsty on a walk we were told to, chew some sorrel, and if we were hungry, eat an apple. We were brought up on a fruit farm!