Happy Christmas to you all and thank you for your custom in 2022. Watch out for our next newsletter in two weeks’ time that will have details of our January Sale.

Please send good thoughts to Cyd who has been banged up in the hospital since Sunday but will hopefully be out in time for all that yummy Christmas food.

It has been perishingly cold here with all our field water frozen solid and plenty of snow – the first time in years, this is Devon, and we don’t expect it. I have exciting extra muscles from getting flagons of water out to them and tons of hay. Unlike humans, alpacas are pretty good in cold weather with their exceptionally warm fleeces but they do like plenty to eat and drink.

It has been a busy year with lots of yarn shows, a fun photoshoot for Simply Crochet, a good number of alpaca babies and of course a drought. Remember these pictures?

All the fleece we have collected has been graded and baled is now wending its way through processing. It has been scoured and top making starts next week. The barn is startlingly empty.

Happy Holidays from all of us.