The pace of births is accelerating with nine girls and four boys born already. Two arrived on the Summer Solstice, both girls. We might have to name them Midsummer and Solstice. They are still a bit damp after two good rain showers. The grass needs it even if they don’t.

It’s Glastonbury so there’s bound to be some rain and I am delighted not to have to water everything in sight. The alpacas and their cria barely flinch when the rain starts, warm rain too, but just carry on with whatever they are doing.

This weekend we will be exhibiting at the Cumbrian Wool Gathering, a new show, no doubt prompted by the sad demise of Woolfest. It will be good to get away. Let’s hope that my pregnant girls either hang on until I get back or birth without problems for Cyd who will be in charge.