Goodness, I could not believe I had found a whole snakeskin when moving some troughs around. It is a big one at three foot, nine inches, so must be a grass snake. It has also got round eyes as you can see in my photograph of its head, a giveaway for a grass snake.

Two grandsons were in residence catapulting us grandparents into complete exhaustion. In exchange we put the youngest to work as a model wearing the Alpaca Love jumper. This is Finlo, aged three.

The background is 250 bales of hay delivered the day before. Phew, we were completely out and the hay barn was empty. Had to put down a few more pallets as the old ones were cracking up under our feet and the concrete floor does tend to ooze a bit of damp.

As we never venture out into the motorway carnage that is a Bank Holiday Monday, we indulged in a little light logging. Plenty more to cut up in the wood shed.