It is good to be home at our beautiful Devon farm to take in the big views and stand around with a load of alpacas.

Not that there was a great deal of standing around as when we come back from a show there is always lots of stuff to tidy away, stock to be updated, wholesale orders to get out and so on.

The Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace was pretty hectic to say the least. Plenty of customers including this lovely lady who had made the sweater on the front cover of Simply Crochet. The troops from Simply Crochet spent a day on the farm doing a photo shoot, the star of the show being our outstandingly calm stud male Macchiato.

I am off on a jolly today with my eldest son Tom and his husband Matt. London first and then the train to Lyon for the weekend. Matt has produced a full itinerary so we will be dashing around from amphitheatre to fountain to art gallery with many gastronomic treats to keep us going.

Apologies to Chas and Cyd for leaving them to do all the work.