It is remarkably warm and unremarkably wet here so all sorts of funghi are erupting in our fields.

There is also loads of slime mould about clinging to the grass, cheerily known as dog’s vomit.

Our trip to Lyon was great. It was warm, sunny and the old city where we were staying was full of young things having fun. However there were many, many steps to get to our apartment that was a bit exhausting for someone who lives in a bungalow.

All roads led to the main square where there is the famous Bartholdi fountain, the art gallery, awash with Rodin, and the town hall. And nearby an astonishing tour de force of trompe l’oeil on a very tall building. You just can’t believe they are not real people on those balconies.

High up, a trip on the funicular required, is a massive Roman ampitheatre and the Basilique du Fourviere where we gatecrashed a special service for the Portuguese living in Lyon. Extraordinary interior and the singing was good too. I joined in, of course.

Another highlight was the Musee des Confluences, a modern pile where the Saone and Rhone meet. I was very happy as there were loads of wonderful fossils, including two from Somerset would you believe plus an amazing hanging display of shells. You were allowed to touch things too.

We started off our foodie experiences with a traditional Lyonnaise meal, death by pork, cream and morels, absolutely exhausting as the first three courses were compulsory. Next one was a tasting menu at Burgundy by Mattieu, mercifully small courses with paired wines, very hushed and posh.

Matt had to have oysters at Chez Leon at Les Halles Paul Bocuse indoor market. Wow, I concluded I would never need to cook again if I lived nearby. No oysters for me after an unfortunate experience in Cornwall several years ago, you never forget. But the bread and wine was very agreeable.

On the way home we had lunch at Train Bleu at the Gare de Lyon. It is a phew, look at that ceiling sort of place. This is so grand with layers of staff with those at the top of the tree wearing suits, the waiters have name badges and the waiters with no name badges are still in training.