It is amazing to have blue skies and NO RAIN even if it is perishingly cold. The never ending rain has really hit our weanling alpacas and they have spent many nights in the barn when the big storms arrived. We doubled their feed ration and still nearly lost a young female, who was wobbly on her legs and blind, to vitamin B1 deficiency. The cure is five injections of B1 over 24 hours and it worked, she can see!

Christmas was a washout as Chas was struck down by a nasty cold and instead of eating my sister’s turkey, I made a soothing souffle and we ate it in front of the telly while we binge watched Hinterland and Hidden Assets. I drank the fizz while Chas overdosed on Benylin.

He wasn’t done yet as in the middle of a seemingly endless stock check, he fell off the step ladder and bashed his forehead and knee. And I did my back in picking up a bucket. Honestly, old age!

Our most pressing task was to find a show team for the West Shires Show in Malvern on January 27. Entries closed on Monday, January 8 and we waited until then in the hope that the alpacas might be  dry. They were reasonably dry but it takes ages for their fleece to recover from weeks of rain so we had to make our best guess.

Our intermediate girls that we showed last year as juniors are pregnant so we kicked them out as a rosette versus a cria is a no brainer. Instead we selected three white males, a senior, an adult and an intermediate and these seven juniors. Other breeders at the show should be suitably shocked when I rock up with a black girl as the vast majority of our alpacas are white and fawn. With any luck she will get a rosette.