This is one of my favourite headlines from my days as a reporter on the Daily Mirror. So long ago that I can remember policemen on the beat at the beach wearing knotted hankies on their balding heads. Nowadays I am not running around chasing stories but living the rural dream (ha ha) on an alpaca farm in Devon. So we run a herd of around 100 alpacas as well as manufacturing  knitting yarns. This time of year is pretty full on with the alpacas as it is the breeding and birthing season. So far we have 16 girls and 13 boys born with another nine adult females to birth. Most of them are sitting in the shade of the hedges whilst others specialise in giving their owners a fright by lying around sunbathing looking dead. Once we get to tea time, the cria, that’s what the babies are called, wake up and start haring round the field. They run very fast but if they disturb the adult females, they get the filthiest look.