Hello again after being AWOL for a fortnight.

Things got a bit hairy after Devon County Council decided to close the main road to Tiverton and the M5 for five working days, just as we needed to get over six tons of outsorts away. Some panic as there is no way a 12 ton lorry can negotiate the back roads around here. However we were successful. Outsorts by the way are the short and coarse fleeces that go into duvets and pillows.

The next hurdle was a visit by twelve Polish alpaca breeders who wanted to know all about fleece and yarn. They had already been to five other alpaca farms in the UK where they had looked at loads of animals so we decided to focus on UK Alpaca. It was fun, they loved my brownies and bought loads of Posh Socks too. One of them was so intrigued by our little pregnancy scanner that he scanned himself and successfully located his liver and kidneys.

Meanwhile we were getting ready for Harrogate, a lot of work making kits, filling the furniture with yarn and so on. I got ill, some hideous tummy bug, slept for 12 hours on Tuesday night and spurned all food until Thursday night when normal service resumed. 

It was a good show, busy busy, only the Sunday was a bit on the grim side. Opposite us was this glorious quilt that if I had a spare £800 I would have bought. Instead I have a card sitting on my desk.