Finally arrived home from the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace at midnight on Sunday. It was fun, met loads of cheerful knitters, sold 57 kilos of yarn, admired the mad swan pedalo boats on the lake and sat around on our Airbnb’s roof patio in the evening. And thank you to those who came to say hello and said they were fans of my diary.

Of course we were spaced out the next day but somehow got through the orders without too many mistakes. We had spent four days indoors in a rather warm hall so being outside in the beautiful October heatwave was glorious.

I brought a few of the alpacas into the barn to have a look at them but it turned out I was being over cautious and they were fine. Before we left there was one girl Lyra, with a massive cria at foot, whose back legs were all over the place and you could see her stomachs spasming. Moved her up closer to the barn and threw the book at her in terms of medication. Happily this week her stomach is calm and her legs are behaving themselves!

I took the opportunity to sit in one of the fields of mums and cria as the weather was so lovely, hope you like my pictures.