Knitting Kit Merry Faeries Cowl by LB Handknits

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This kit version of the lovely Merry Faeries cowl by LB Handknits includes the beautiful baby alpaca/silk strawberry yarn and the pattern all in a handy and re-useable project bag that can keep your knitting projects neat and tidy.

The knitting needles are not included as most knitters are likely to have them and the type and length will be a personal preference.

To view the pattern picture please select this link.The Merry Faeries by LB Handknits


  1. Pauline ZMartin

    There is an error in this pattern causing a decrease in stitches every 6 rows.

    • Chas Brooke

      Dear Pauline.
      Couple of things. Are you using circular needle? Plus are you assuming SK2P is a standard double decrease, when it actually only decreases 1 stitch. All in the abbreviations listing.
      Hope that helps

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