Suri Alpaca 4-Ply

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These suri alpaca yarns are a 4-ply 2/9Nm, 50g skein, 225m approx and we suggest using 3.25mm needles 28stsx33rows or 3.5mm needles 24stsx33rows

They come in eight shades Hellebore, Meadow Saffron, Scarlet Pimpernel, Harebell, Sea Pink, Saxifrage, Bluebell and Celandine. Composition is 75% superfine suri, 20% baby huacaya alpaca, 5% silk. Spun fully worsted at a small mill in Dorset.

There are two alpaca fleece types, huacaya and suri. Huacaya, a crimpy fleece, is the most common.. The suri has a long fleece with non crimped locks and is known for its lustre and drape and accounts for only 5% of the world’s alpaca population. It is more difficult to spin because of its very low scale height but that gives it its lustre. UK Alpaca’s suri yarns have been mixed with a small percentage of baby huacaya and silk to give the finished yarn more loft and cohesion.

All of the suri fleece comes from alpacas farmed in Britain and was hand graded at our farm in Devon.


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